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Glassboro Public Schools
Strategic Planning Process
Facilitated by the New Jersey School Boards Association
and the School District Internal Coordinator
A History of the Strategic Plan Process:
Between 2010-11, the Glassboro School District developed  a Strategic Plan to guide Student Achievement, Finance and Community Relations (Climate and Culture). To view the plan, click on the link on the left side of this page. The information below describes the planning process. In December 2012, the district held a meeting to provide updates on the progress of implementing that plan. Those updates are also summarized under the Strategic Planning Updates section (on the left) of this website.

Preplanning Work
Planning began in October 2010, with the formation of the State of the Schools and State of the Community committees, charged with developing overviews for our district's February conference participants to study as pre-conference  "homework."  Participation in these committees exceeded the target numbers of volunteers, which set the bar high for participation in all activities to follow.  The Strategic Planning conference included 37 participants, far exceeding the School Boards recommendation of 25-30 participants.  The Action Teams also boasted healthy membership, totalling 22 volunteers. All of this is a testament to the commitment of the Glassboro community to a robust educational program for our children.
Action Plan Teams Meeting
A two-day planning conference was held in February of 2011. Three Action Teams emerged from that conference. Three goal areas were identified at the planning conference, as well as strategies within these goal areas.  The goal of each team was to conduct cost-benefit analyses and prioritize these strategies.  Identified goal areas included:
                    Student Achievement
                    Community Relations (Climate and Culture)
Each team had two "captains" and membership included a wide range of volunteers from among our teachers, staff, administration, BOE, alumni and the community at large.
The district invited residents to volunteer for the team throughout the process, whether or not they parctipated in the intial planning conference. The teams worked on cultivating an atmosphere where all input and opinions were valued and appreciated. Specific experience in any of the goal areas above was not a requirement of participation in Action Plan Team activities. 

Wrapping Up the Process
Planning Council Meeting
The volunteers who participated in the February Planning Council Conference gathered in mid-May with the Action Plan Committee members to review drafts of the Action Plans and cost benefit analysis.
Strategic Plan Presented to Board of Education
The Action Plan Committees finalized the Strategic Plan following the mid-May meeting and presented it to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 22, 2011.
The Board and Superintendent provides periodic updates on progress of the plan during monthly Board meetings and enlists the help of the New Jersey School Boards Association where appropriate to make sure the plan stays on track.

Why Planning?
Strategic Planning creates an organization-wide mission--a "vision"--that directs, motivates and inspires all members of the educational community to work together for the common good.
With the help of the New Jersey School Boards Association, the teams charted a course for our district for five years. The process allows the Glassboro Board of Education and administration to become more strategic managers of our limited resources and help the district to be proactive rather than reactive when addressing change.


Strategic planning answers three big questions:

                Where are we today?

                Where do we want to be in the future?

                What should we be focused on today
                       in order to get where we want to be tomorrow?

Thank You!
Thank you for your  interest in the Strategic Planning Process. The strength of our schools and our programming—both academic and extra-curricular—depends on your participation. 
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